Thursday, July 12, 2012

almost 30 weeks

This pregnancy has gone by so quickly!  Through doing work on the house Jan- Mar, being on the market April-June, and dealing with all the real estate negotiations over the past few weeks, I haven't even had time to get impatient about it!  This time around I'm relishing the sleep while it lasts too :)  

Great news, I don't have gestational diabetes- I passed the torture test from Wednesday, thank goodness.  Here is evidence that our baby boy is still growing like a champ!  He isn't quite up in my ribs yet, which is nice.  I can still sit pretty comfortably and I'm sleeping OK besides the potty breaks, but carrying a wriggly, heavy toddler is getting tough.  

Up until lately, I have never been much of a sno-cone fan, but I've never been this pregnant in the summer before either!  They always sound so refreshing, and there is a stand right down the street.  Double sour, light on the syrup, strawberry or watermelon.  I also bought a box of Sour Patch Kids Popsicles for emergencies.  Oooo that sounds so good right now :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

should be sleepin'

I should be in bed right now, but I've got so much on my mind!  First off, selling a house, buying a house, packing and moving keep my to-do list infinite.  Second, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow for a highly unpleasant reason.  I failed my 1 hour glucose tolerance test at my last prenatal appointment, so now they want me to do the 3 hour test.  Unlike the first test, (where you drink the stuff at home and go to have your blood drawn an hour later), for the 3 hour test you get your blood drawn FOUR times over the span of a three hour appointment.

I don't have a needle phobia or anything, but c'mon, four times?  That's a little much.  Oh, and this is after you chug a syrupy (twice-concentrated compared with the first test) drink.  On an empty stomach. In the midst of a 12 hour fast.  I know there's a reason for the test, that gestational diabetes can be bad for the baby, and I want to be healthy as can be, but it just makes for a pretty crummy half day away from this little man.  Can't I just stay home and watch Sesame Street with my sweet boy?

Here we are out on the porch a couple days ago, enjoying watching the rain come in.  We'll definitely miss this house!  As you may also have noticed, Palmer rarely wears pants at home in the summer.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

fun on the fourth

Palmer insisted on being patriotic all the way to his underpants on the 4th of July this year.  I love this diaper!  It's an itti bitti d'lish all-in-one and so fuzzy soft.  I like the fit a lot better than the itti bitti tuttos we have, but it doesn't fit as wide of a weight range since it's a sized diaper.  (No, I didn't buy this diaper especially for the holiday, but it turned out to be perfect!)

We had a very busy day, starting with the McKinney hometown parade that went through downtown.  Tyler pulled Palmer down to the square in the wagon he got for his first birthday while I waddled behind.  KayKay came too.  Palmer enjoyed watching all the people, bikes, and horses in the parade- plus the firetruck at the beginning!  

After a big bbq lunch, we napped 'til it was time to go swimming at the Graf house in Plano.  Shame on me, I didn't get any pictures while we were there!  I felt so bad for my sweet baby who rubbed sunscreen into his eyes right after I put it on him, and then could hardly open his eyes to play in the pool.  He felt much better AFTER an eye rinse in the kitchen sink and enjoyed playing with the pool bball hoop with his daddy.

Off to Lewisville we went to have dinner with Grammy & Grandpa.  Palmer spent a fun night there with them while Tyler and I saw fireworks in Flower Mound with friends.  It was a great day to be together as a family and a bummer that daddy had to go to work the next morning!  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


For a few weeks now, Palmer has been using a fork and spoon.  He loves to stab at any food with a fork and scoop as much yogurt or applesauce as possible onto a spoon at once.  This, of course, is always executed using his left hand.  We're working on him getting the spoon all the way to his mouth without turning it upside down since only so much can stick to the spoon in that position.  I usually try and shovel a few bites of spoonable food into his mouth before he insists on taking over.

So great is his love for the fork, that when he finished his scrambled eggs Sunday morning he briefly considered the whole triangle of toast, then methodically tore it into small enough pieces that they could also be effectively impaled before being eaten.  If you want to have him use his hands in order to speed up a meal, there had better not be a fork in sight!  That includes your own adult fork.  I guess we should all just learn to not be in such a rush. . . even if each. . . individual. . . pea. . . must be forked :)

P.S. They sell NUK forks in multipacks at Target!