Friday, August 16, 2013

who needs a parrot. . .

When you have a 2 year old??  Palmer has become quite the chatterbox lately and it. is. so. cute.  I love hearing him talk!  It used to take so much cajoling/repeating/encouragement to get him to say a new word, but now it seems once is enough.  Like at dinner the other night when I was describing someone new I met (don't worry it's probably not you ;)) and said "she just seems a little crazy".  "She crazy?"  says the parrot!  Eeek. . . got to be more careful.

Palmer is the keeper of all doors and gates and insists upon mommy going through first- "Here you go mommy!" before he slams it behind us.  He also likes to say "Come with us" even when it's just him, and "be careful guys" as we walk down a whopping flight of two steps.  His pronunciation of some old favorites is getting better, tear ;(.  Waddeee is now wadder (water).  He's getting so big!  We all got a good laugh when he saw his slice of angel food cake after dinner and exclaimed with his hand to his heart, "Oh, my!!".  Adorable.

Speaking of adorable, Russell is getting more and more of a personality!!  He is loving peekaboo lately and mimicking movements like waving, tapping, and shaking.  My favorite is when he crawls around a corner, plops down on his fluffy bottom, and leans around to peek at me.  The giggles when I say peekaboo are just to die for!  He is 10 1/2 months now and I need to get on the ball with the baby sign language if I want him to be able to communicate like Palmer could as a one year old.  More, eat, milk, and please were all the signs that helped us a lot!

Baby gump #3 is cooking along here at 16 weeks.  Strong heartbeat and no news is good news at my last appointment this week!  Still have another MONTH before we'll find out boy or girl.  Don't get on the edge of your seats yet!  I haven't been blogging much or taking many pictures since I tend to try and rest or keep up with housework whenever the kiddos let me, but here are a few photos from late July and early August :)
chasing Daddy in the sprinkler

good throwing form with the splash ball

he does not love it in his face. . .

the back is much better!

my precious skinny man

love him

attack face

happy happy!

peekaboo baby