Thursday, March 28, 2013

half a year????

I just plain cannot believe that Russell is 6 months old.  That means he is only 6 months away from his first birthday.  CRAZY!!!!!  He rolls over like a pro now and we can't hardly keep him on his back.  He would love to crawl and grab those awesome toys that are just out of reach, but I think it will still be a couple months :)  Ever since getting over his car-phobia he is just the happiest baby!  His brother demands quite a bit of attention so that's probably a good thing.  Russell loves nursing, biting fingers, and watching Palmer play.  He has had some baby oatmeal and a little bit of carrot puree, but I honestly haven't felt the urgency to start feeding him solids yet!  I want to do some more research on baby led weaning and will probably do a combo of that with standard homemade baby food.
My sweet baby! Stop growing!
Having fun as usual!
It has been so fun cloth diapering Russell from birth.  As you all know, I highly recommend it to anyone who asks!!  Less waste, more cute, plus a hobby for mommy :)  I read a quote once that said, "You don't wear paper underwear, why should your baby?".  That makes sense to me!  I have been slowly converting our mixed "stash" of pocket diapers/all-in-ones/prefolds/&covers, to all fitted diapers and wool.  That means mostly natural fibers, which is nice.  It's definitely an investment up front, but the resell value of high quality cloth diapering gear is really good.  My favorite brands are Little Fancy Pants, Bumstoppers, Pianissimo Cloth, and Sustainablebabyish.  If you see pics of the boys, it is highly likely they are wearing their wool shorties or longies from SBish (for short).  We <3 p="" woolies="">

Monday, March 18, 2013

brother bath time!

Palmer and Russell took their first bath together last week!  Well, sort of together.  Russell is in his large plastic whale and the whale is in the tub with Palmer.  It started out with Russell getting a bath and Palmer insisting on being included!  The funny thing turned out being Russell splashing Palmer.  Role reversal?  I think so!
here you can see the offending splashy foot
brother toes!

I love this picture.
awww, big bro got splashed in the eyes

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

what's up with us

Life sure does get busy with these two babies!  Plus Tyler and I have been on a "Breaking Bad" binge so I have been watching that in the evenings instead of blogging ;)  Things are going well around here, especially just in the past couple of days.  Russell has had a sleeping breakthrough THANK GOD!  Up until now I could count on one hand the number of times in his 5 month existence that he has slept for more than 3 hours in a row.  Now he's going to be between 7 and 8:30, depending on when he naps, nursing around midnight or 12:30, and sleeping til 6 am!  It is glorious.  He is such a happy boy in the morning too since I'm sure he feels much more rested.

We recently cemented ourselves in the upper middle class according to Tyler, after the purchase of a Bob double stroller.  Wow, they are PRICEY!  I found a used one on CraigsList in Frisco though and I know we'll be able to resell when we are finished with it.  There's the justification ;)  We might take it out today if the wind isn't too bad!  Palmer of course loves going outside and I have some catching up to do on my running plan.

Russell is grabbing for everything that looks brightly colored or interesting these days.  He is getting good use out of all his baby toys and exersaucer!  A few things that have spent a lot of time getting slobbered on are a Burt finger puppet and Sophie of course. He's also interested in his new giant plastic beads and all Palmer's cars.  He has rolled from his tummy to back, but not the other way yet.  Palmer plays with trucks, cars, his choo choo train, loves lots of books read to him at nap and nighttime, and can eat unlimited amounts of yogurt.

Just about to shove over onto his back

Palmer gives lots of hugs. . . this bouncy seat is losing its spring!

Consider the animal magnet
Place the animal magnet

Inspect placement

Pulling weeds with Daddy!  (Someone didn't want to take their bike helmet off ;)
put em in the bucket

Laughing and playing and drooling

The face that precedes the crying

Dancing to the music of that little barn on the fridge!