Friday, May 24, 2013

family fun

Sunday morning was the perfect time for us to get outside and have some fun all together.  We set up Palmer's tiny pool from last year, put up the shade tent and laid out a blanket for baby Russell.  Don't be jealous of Palmer's hat/diaper/shoe combo ;)

Russell was very intrigued by the grass, but didn't love the taste.  He is becoming a little explorer, dragging himself around in an inchworm crawl!  His sitting has really improved, but we do have an occasional "incident". . . like two days ago when he face planted on the tile and busted his lip- OUCH! Poor baby had no idea what happened or why it hurt so bad!  

These two boys are just getting more and more fun and growing up so fast.  Palmer has one side of his crib now so it's his "big boy bed".  He has done great in it and doesn't get out of bed at all during the night!  Yay him!  He really is such a good boy MOST of the time :)  Have a wonderful long weekend friends!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

summer is coming

Palmer is talking more and more which is so neat to hear.  He is now saying Mimi for Grammy, PawPaw for Grandpa, KaKa for KayKay, and of course BO for Beau the dog.  Scout is Cow, Russell is Bebe, our cat Vlu is Bloo.  Palmer's spring semester at MDO will be over in a couple weeks and his Kindermusik class wrapped up this Tuesday.  It will be a challenge to keep him busy without this structure during the summer!  We just got an easy-up shade tent for the backyard.  Hopefully the mosquitos and heat won't be immediately awful and we can spend some of our days in the baby pool and sandbox!

Russell is eating a variety of solid foods following the baby led weaning approach.  He has had steamed sweet potato, carrot, and pear sticks; scrambled eggs, cheerios, black beans, and bananas.  I've also let him gnaw on pizza crust (bad mommy!) which he loved.  He always wants food of his own now while we're sitting at the dinner table.  His sitting skills are much improved, but he will eventually topple over so I don't leave him on the tile unless he's on his belly.  Speaking of laying on his belly- he sneezed a few days ago and bashed his face on the floor- OUCH!  Poor baby had no idea what hit him!  Russell is looking like he wants to crawl, regularly assuming the plank position to practice his pilates.  I wouldn't be surprised if it happens next month!

Here is Palmer "helping" me with the laundry.  During this folding session, he was told not to mess with the already folded clothes and proceeded to exclaim, "NO Daddy, NO NO!" when Tyler picked up some clothes to put away.  Bossy pants!