Tuesday, March 27, 2012

always something new

This little toot never ceases to surprise me or make me laugh with random things he does. Washcloths on the head = very amusing for Palmer. He has started doing this in the car too with his taggies blanket and watching himself in the mirror on the headrest. (If you are pregnant or have a baby and don't have one of these car mirrors, I think they are great! I can just look in my rear view mirror to see what he's up to even though he's rear facing.)

He turned 14 months yesterday and seems to be turning into a little boy more every day! Palmer loves to zoom his cars around on the couch, table, your leg, any surface really. . . and make a blubbering sound with his lips. He got an upper molar on each side and is cruising around the furniture like crazy! He is still very picky about what finger foods/solids he will eat, but likes turkey, quesadillas, and PB&J sandwiches. (Of course all crunchy snacks like cereal, cookies, and crackers are still his favorite). We are trying to offer him lots of different foods and he ate some fried catfish and crabcake the other night! No progress on the veggie front. . . working on it! He'll still eat his baby food veggies so I know he's getting good nutrition.

Our big boy has only one bottle of milk a day now, right before bed. The rest of the day, his cows milk is in a sippy! It's going to be hard (FOR ME) to get rid of that last bottle since it's such a comfort for him and makes him perfectly sleepy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

compare & contrast

12 weeks along with Palmer. . .

12 weeks with baby #2!

Those abs don't hold up quite as well the second time around!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

thin mints

Palmer reached a very important milestone just before the 13 month mark rolled around- eating his first girl scout cookies! Tyler thought it important enough to document, so here is the experience in photos, for your enjoyment.

There are tagalongs and samoas in the pantry too, but those seemed a little too rich for a baby. Maybe (probably) next year! :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

fall baby

Well, I guess with a September birthday, you would probably be considered a summer baby in Texas! Our newest little one is due September 23rd and I am anxiously awaiting early May when we'll find out boy or girl. I had my first prenatal doctor visit last Wednesday at 10 1/2 weeks. We are using Allen Birthing Center, which I had toured a few weeks ago, but Tyler got to see it for the first time at the appointment. It is run by three super nice and experienced CNM's (certified nurse midwives), plus a finance lady and birth assistant who are also very kind and helpful.

I liked my OB from my last pregnancy, but the hospital birth seemed like overkill to me since everything about my pregnancy and birth was so textbook and uncomplicated. Think about it- if you had an uncomplicated vaginal birth, how much did you really need that professional surgeon OB? Obstetricians are certainly necessary for emergency situations and C-sections, but I feel like a CNM is perfect for a normal pregnancy. Besides free standing birth centers, some hospitals also staff CNM's for low risk patients. Of course, Allen Birthing Center has all the necessary emergency & resuscitation equipment if things go badly, but they do not hesitate to transfer you to Allen Presby across the street if needed.

I had toyed with the idea of a natural birth the first time around but hadn't done any serious preparation. This time I know for sure there won't be an epidural (they don't offer that at the birth center!) so I am doing more reading and research already. I'm confident it will go well and be a great experience! The women at ABC are so warm and supportive, you can't help but feel the good vibes. There are so many things that I like about it. It's a very relaxed atmosphere being in an old Victorian house with a parlor for a waiting room, and cushy armchairs that you sit in until you actually NEED to sit on the paper covered exam table. They have a play area in each spacious exam room so I can bring Palmer, plop him down in the corner, and let him play through the whole appointment!

Sweet, right??