Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

mommyhood round 2

When it was just infant Palmer and me at home, it was an eternity til naptime.  Weekends were few and far between, and I actually cried in the parking lot one Thursday when Kindermusik was cancelled.  It is so isolating being a new mom of one! Eventually I got involved in a few different groups of moms, we got busier, and met lots of other moms and kids who are now wonderful friends of ours! Fast forward to now. . .

Infancy with baby #2 is so different! With Russell + Palmer I can hardly get all the diapers changed, meals fed, messes managed, and playing done before nap. Before I know it, it's Wednesday night again and I have to pack Palmer's MDO bag for the next day, and sometimes we have too MANY plans and skip something just to relish a whole day at home. I have a big network of friends and never feel alone in this whirlwind of mommyhood anymore.  Two keep me too busy to be lonely!  I love that Russell has his big brother for entertainment. Babies get tired of just mommy sometimes!  (Although you wouldn't know that from how Russell acts when he see me in the next room, not holding him while Tyler is on baby duty).  Palmer pretty much runs the place, but Russell is as pleased as punch to be the spectator of older brother's every move :)

Russell gets out a lot more than Palmer did, since we have probably triple the plans when you count grocery shopping, dr visits for two, playdates, and all the other random errands that crop up.  Also I think you sort of get over the tendency to shut yourself in once you have a bigger kid.  Gotta burn up some toddler energy! Russell and I have special one on one time twice a week- Tuesday mornings while Palmer is with Grammy, and Thursday when Palmer has Mothers Day Out.  It's so nice to be able to play with just him, listen to his sweet giggles, and nuzzle his neck without all the toddler commotion and "issues". Believe me, toddlers have a LOT of issues ;)

Babywearing makes toting Russell around the house and the town so much easier and more enjoyable for us all rather than listening to him fuss in his exersaucer in the evening while I cook, or lugging the infant seat into Hobby Lobby.  I love our Ergo carrier for quick on and off in public, like in the grocery store parking lot, but I'm quickly learning how awesome woven wraps are! At least an hour a day, Russell rides around the house perched on my back just as snug as a bug.  Happy too! He falls asleep eventually more often than not.  I LOVE that instead of having to lay my cranky baby down to change big brothers diaper or move a load of laundry, I can do it all while he's close to me.  I can take my time preparing a healthy lunch for Palmer while Russell is in the wrap. I can push Palmer around in his truck. It's just awesome to be able to meet everybody's needs (especially the sad, sleepy baby's) at once.

I love these babies. I'm trying to soak in those precious moments as they happen, and constantly reminding myself that those "awful" days when I just want to scream or cry or both, aren't really that awful. I don't need anything else, except maybe daddy home more often :)