Saturday, August 23, 2014

not a priority

Have you checked out the ticker at the top of my blog lately?  That was Russell's due date countdown at one point in what seems like such a distant past!  After he was born, it started counting down to his first birthday.  When I still didn't change it, it started counting down to his second birthday.  How has it been almost two years and I still haven't gotten around to changing that darn widget?  If you're a mom, you know how.  It is sooooo not a priority.  Out of the zillion to do's waiting to be done, it doesn't even make the mental list.  Much less the iPhone note or refrigerator whiteboard.  Attention widget- we had another baby while you've been counting away!  The days roll onward and while some can feel so slow, there still isn't enough time in them.

My tile is really dirty most of the time, y'all.  Not a priority.  The flower beds leave something to be desired.  Also, not a priority!  Some days the kids don't get baths even though they need them and I have a photo book in shutterfly that has been in progress for over a year.  This is a crazy phase in ours lives where all three babies need us more than they probably ever will again.  We are keeping them fed, changed, and happy as best we can and taking pictures whenever I get the chance!

Our tiny lovebug June turned 6 months a couple weeks ago!  She is sitting mostly unassisted now and likes the view from there.  June has one tooth that threw us all for a loop and the second seems to be coming close behind, judging by her recent sleep (or lack of sleep) patterns.  She loves riding in the wrap on my back and watching her brothers play.  We gave pureed baby food a go when I was first recovering from my surgery and having milk supply issues, but have since backed off due to poop problems.  TMI?  Sorry ;)  Back to exclusively nursing until she is sitting well enough to start baby led weaning like we did with Russell.

Palmer is becoming quite the builder with our big cardboard blocks.  Crashing towers is a fun bonus after the construction phase, of course.  He loves to play chase with daddy and brother and go swimming at the neighborhood pool.  Russell is most often found on top of something high, unstable, or otherwise dangerous.  He watches big brother like a hawk and pushes his buttons like a true brother does.  Russell runs and talks and trips and cries.  I can thank this energizer bunny for all the "baby weight" I've lost.  He's napping right now and will wake with energy to spare, so I'm off to have a snack without sharing :)