Tuesday, January 22, 2013

my boys, almost 4 & 24 months

With two this young, and one, ahem, Russell, not sleeping. . . . it is hard to find time to blog!  I love sharing what's going on with us though, so I am trying to keep up.  A lot of posts might just be mostly pics!  It is so neat to see Palmer growing up, playing pretend, and learning to talk more every day.  He treats his baby doll so sweet and we are working on being gentle with Russell and not bashing plastic toys into his head.

Russell's coos and giggles are just the sweetest and it is so easy to get a smile from this baby!  He enjoys a warm bath, who doesn't?, naps with mommy and daddy, and standing on your lap so he can see the world.

Little guy can sit in the bumbo now, but his cloth diaper makes his butt so big he isn't too stable!  A disposable diaper or one of his trimmer fitting prefolds lets him settle down in the seat more and he can sit like that for a few minutes!

Russell wants eeeevvvverything he grabs to go in his mouth for slobbering on.  I just ordered him a cool teether from a WAHM on Facebook.  I think it looks really easy to hold and babies love to chew on wooden toys.  Here's her site if you want to check them out! https://www.facebook.com/TheBeadedBond?fref=ts

I am so ready for Russell to start sleeping better at night.  Here we are at 4 months and the most sleep I've gotten in a row is 4 hours. . . and that was probably a month ago.  I don't even remember!  An example of our night is. . . .  Russell asleep in crib at 8 pm.  Wakes crying at 9, sleeps with daddy on couch til 10:30.  Nurse, asleep in cosleeper (mini pack n play) in our bedroom at 11.  Wake at 1:00 crying.  Nurse, back to sleep in cosleeper at 1:30.  Wake at 3:00- mommy gives up and lets him sleep next to me!   Nurse, sleep, wake at 5:00 crying, daddy holds him, back to sleep at 5:20.  Wakes at 6:00 am ready to nurse and start the day!

PHEW!  I need a nap :)  Good thing he's so darn cute.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

We were all feeling a little under the weather this Christmas, so we didn't take a ton of pics.  Especially of Russell, poor sick baby :(  Here are some highlights of the snowy FAREEZING day!

Palmer's fave stocking stuffer
Giant bricks, and Palmer's black eye going away
Mom & sons picture fail :)

Santa brought a bike!

He was so excited when he opened the helmet!

Cookin in the kitchen

I think he wanted to go outside, mommy did not

Looking in his new mirror
Nate & Tyler 
Lauren & Russell
Like I said, I was feeling pretty bad, so I completely neglected to take any pictures of the second half of the day when my parents, brother, and Nana came over.  They braved the snow so we wouldn't have to!  Palmer got lots more special gifts including an electric train set he adores :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

breakfast with Santa

Palmer & Russell got to see Santa at CUMC again this year!  We had a pancake breakfast with Grammy, Grandpa, Kay Kay, and Daddy before meeting the elves, the big guy with the beard, and playing some games.  Palmer loved the sausage at breakfast and playing with the toys in the elf room where you give them your wishlist.  We asked for trucks on Palmer's behalf.  He did not love Santa, but didn't cry either!  Russell didn't know what was going on, as expected :)  We visited "Bethlehem" after meeting Santa.  There was a baby Jesus in the manger station where Palmer got to hold a baby (doll), and a wise men station where he got a gold coin.  His absolute favorite was a building station where he hammered golf tees into a styrofoam block.  We need this at home!!!

We went outside afterwards to get some pictures of Palmer running around the church courtyard and fountain.  Here are some pictures from the fun morning!