Tuesday, September 30, 2014

double the age, double the fun

Our Russell is 2 years old!  Wow!  We celebrated with a weekend packed full of family and outings.  He commemorated the milestone with a few knock down drag out fits.  I would expect nothing less from such a firecracker of a kid.  On his actual birthday, the 26th, Tyler took off work and picked up donuts for breakfast.  Russell woke up first out of the kids and got to enjoy two sprinkled treats as an only child.  We hustled to get out the door and made a morning trip to the arboretum!  Aunt Lauren and cousin Paige were here from Oklahoma (yay!!) so they and Kay Kay came too. The pumpkin village is in full swing, so we spent most of our time chasing the boys around in there.   Did you know McAlister's has $0.99 kids lunches?  Seriously!  And if you're not opposed to dangerous levels of sodium, forgo the applesauce and take advantage of the moments of silence that a mountain of potato chips provides.  We hit that up on the way home.

Saturday was Russell's "party" day.  Except I have yet to throw a real birthday party for any of my children.  ::sheepish grin::  I think I heard someone say "just family til age 5" or something like that.  Maybe that's my plan!  Anyway, don't feel bad if you haven't been receiving party invites, because no one is ;)  Russell loves to roar and enjoys playing with dinosaur toys and reading dinosaur books, so of course he would LOVE the dinosaurs live exhibit at the Heard Museum. . . right?  Wrong!  He cried.  A few times.  Haha.  The animatronic dinosaurs are very big and lifelike, so it turned out to be a little scary for him this year.  Woops.  I like to think he still enjoyed it!

watchin a bug

Russell enjoys the luxury of an older brother's toy collection so he got mostly books and a few small accessories for the train table this birthday.  Palmer was so generous to help with opening and playing with all the new things ;).

birthdays wear a kid out