Thursday, September 12, 2013

give and take

Having two little ones so close in age is fun, exhausting, and chaotic. A year into it, I feel like I have a really good handle on. . . the reality that it's just impossible to do everything!  Or even most things!  Some days we have homemade bread with dinner.  Some days we have clean counters and dishes.  Some days the hampers are practically empty.  These things NEVER happen on the same day!!!  If one thing IS getting done during that precious 20 minutes when both boys are playing happily in the other room, there are always ten things not getting done at the same time.

I'm ok with not doing it all, all the time, because if I did, I would probably be missing the good stuff.  Like seeing the wonder on my 11 month old's face as he takes the lid on and off the same container 700 times to find the toy inside.  Or spending half the day at a playdate catching up with other moms even though we left the house a huge mess after breakfast.  I'm glad the potted plants withering in my backyard and the Cheerios all over the floor don't bother me enough to skip building a new train track with Palmer during Russell's nap.

I probably could have been cleaning the bathroom sinks, fixing a photo worthy pinterest lunch creation, or scraping the goopy banana out of the high chair, but I just watched the babies play piano for a while this day. 

This day Palmer wore a shirt that's almost too small and the ONLY pair of clean shorts he had for his first day of school this year.  Oh, and his new backpack didn't come in the mail til the next day.  Woops!

Striving for perfection is overrated.  When you give time to certain areas of your life, that time gets taken away from others.  Let's give more to times like these.