Wednesday, July 17, 2013

big news!

Ok, I won't beat around the bush.  As you probably saw on Facebook, we are expecting baby #3 in February 2014!!  Crazy, huh?  I'm still a bit in disbelief, but heard the sweet heartbeat this morning and it's getting real!  At almost 12 weeks I'm *hoping* the fatigue and nausea are almost a thing of the past. Pregnant with an infant and toddler ain't no picnic, lemme tell ya.  Luckily Palmer likes to lounge and watch a show with mommy sometimes, and Russell takes at least one good nap a day. . . most of the time.  We are excited to be using the Allen Birthing Center again and can't say enough good things about our experience with them throughout my pregnancy and birth of Russell.

Yes yes yes, a girl would be verrry exciting, but three boys would have so much fun together.  We'll find out in September and keep you all posted!  Tyler suggested not finding out the sex of the baby this time, but I just can't handle 40 weeks of suspense.  Too much.  Plus I know a FEW people who will want to buy some itty bitty girly clothes if that happens to be the news!  We have a couple other changes happening around here, including Tyler starting at a new job this week.  It's similar to his last position, but for a larger company that will provide me and the boys with health insurance (YAY).  I'm excited for him to have a change in his career and I know he is too.  The only slight downside is that the commute and hours will be longer, so I'll no longer be able to teach piano lessons in the evenings while he watches the boys.  I'm sad to say goodbye to my students, some of whom have been with me for a long time, but I think I would have had to take a lengthy break anyway once baby #3 arrives.

It will be an adjustment for me to get the boys fed their dinner and do some other evening tasks before Tyler arrives, but I'm sure I'll figure it out!  Either that or we'll just eat Chick fil A every night, live in a pig sty, and never bathe again.  See?  The worst case scenario isn't so bad :).

We had a great 4th of July that I never got a chance to post about!  My brother, his girlfriend, my sister, and her boyfriend were all able to come too to my parents' lakehouse to celebrate.  We played horseshoes, kayaked, ate brisket, built a fire, made s'mores, and shot off some fireworks.  All the makings of a fun time.  Palmer also rode around in his power wheels truck that he is finally learning to steer!  You still have to be on guard though, since he prefers watching the back wheel to watching where he's going.  I got CHASED.  Like seriously chased.  By a huge bumblebee.  Thankfully there is no video of me running in circles around the yard.  Here are some pics of the lake fun!
Playing inside with the fun lake toys

kayaking with Grammy

Casey, my sister Adrienne's dog

It was not easy to keep him on this blanket

boarding his truck!