Wednesday, May 21, 2014

OMG it's May

I guess my blog posts have a theme now.  It's the "holy cow life is flying by because I'm so dang busy raising all these kids" theme.  I've been trying to post regularly on Facebook so you've probably seen most of what's going on around here, but here are a few more pictures to enjoy!

June is now 3 1/2 months old and still so stinkin cute!  She is starting to get really curious about the world around her.  I love her coos and gaas and all the other sweet noises she makes.  Little miss is getting her hands in her mouth a lot lately and drooling enough that I wouldn't be surprised to see a little tooth pop up soon!  She usually sleeps for a 6 hour stretch in the night which is so nice for mommy.  I nurse her in bed and she'll go back to sleep with me until 7:00 most of the time!  Cosleeping is not so scary, I promise :)  I am treasuring these sweet snuggles with her while she's so tiny and needs me so much.
Embracing the bows and frills of baby girlhood
Russell is at such a funny age right now!  He is becoming a bit of a goofball like his older brother and learning what makes people laugh. "No" is the word of choice lately, but he says it with such adorable attitude I don't even mind!  He tries new words every day and will soon be talking non-stop I'm sure! Russell loves Elmo, Nemo, reading books, and sitting in laps.  He's getting taller by the minute and can grab more off the counters and shelves- eek!  This guy hates riding in the carseat but loves being busy and going outside.  He keeps US busy, that's for sure.  Fighting for freedom is a 20 month old's main mission, but he still loves being held and worn by his mommy <3 div="">

It is just me or is he a handsome dude?
Daddy's boots
Palmer is three.  Is that enough said?  Do you have a three year old?  Haha.  He is at once so precious and up to no good.  He is marvelous and frustrating.  He fills up my heart and makes me want to scream.  Get the picture?  Three is emotional and magical and we are figuring it out one day at a time.  Palmer is working on sharing with brother and using the potty while mommy is working on being patient and loving him through it all.  He is a good boy and a good brother and I am going to cry thinking about how OLD he is now!!  Tomorrow wraps up his year at MDO and his sweet teachers always say how agreeable he is, always (usually ;)) up for anything. 
Three years ago.  My baby!!! 
Beach day at MDO!
Loves holding his sister