Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy 2nd to Palmer!

Palmer had such a blast on his birthday this year.  We woke him up to get dressed and ready for the zoo pretty early, but he was in a great mood and enjoyed one of his favorite foods, a smoothie, for breakfast. The Dallas Zoo was empty due to the cold drizzly weather, so we basically had the place to  ourselves!
Fish in the children's zoo area with Kay Kay
Russell was bundled up in two footie PJ's and a fuzzy blanket- no hat- bad mommy
Happy boy!
Stopping for a snack, and some central heat! with Kendra
One of the male lions
Watching the lions and the zoo keepers
Palmer was the center of attention with all his grandparents there and loved looking at the animals. We didn't get a picture with Grammy since she is the one who took all these photos!  We spent most of our time over in the savannah section with the lions, elephants, and more. It was so neat to get face to face with the giraffes from this neat viewing area where their heads were at your height! He wore himself out running around the exhibits and was a little uneasy on the carousel at the end of our time at the zoo. Luckily he was on a giraffe that didn't go up and down, otherwise I think he would have had a meltdown!
Happy Birthday from mommy and daddy
Giraffes up close!
Nervous on the carousel
one area of the Savannah
Runnin around with Gramps
Palmer and Russell napped a little in the car on the way home, thank goodness, and we all enjoyed a lunch of chick fil a nuggets and cupcakes. He loved the frosting, homemade by mommy :). Palmer is an old pro at opening gifts now. He got some books, sing along songs, a picnic table, and toy plane among other things. Oh! And a Dallas cowboys potato head. He calls it pa head.
Unwrapping pa head
New books!  Grandpa tired from the zoo
New picnic table, Uncle Nathan taking a break from scraping off the massive sticker
Blowing out his cupcake candle with daddy
Before we knew it, it was time to get back in the car to go to Palmer's friend Evan's birthday party. It was a dump truck party which is right up Palmer's alley, so it was a great way to wrap up the day. I haven't been able to get a picture yet, because mostly he just says NO in response, but sometimes when you ask him how old he is he will hold up one finger on each hand and grin! Love my precious big boy so much.