Sunday, September 19, 2010

22 week belly

My t-shirts are getting a little tight around the middle lately! I've resigned myself to wearing only maternity pants from now on I think- my normal pants (even totally unzipped) aren't quite as comfortable anymore. I officially have an outie belly button now so space must be running low in there.

The baby has been moving a lot more in the past few days! Sometimes it's more of a dull feeling of him tumbling around but a lot of times I can feel some pretty distinct jabs on the outside! I don't know if it's feet, hands, elbows, or what, but he's definitely practicing some moves.

My mom and I went to Allen Outlets over the weekend looking at baby clothes and had a lot of fun! We got a few things that were good deals and I'm excited to add them to my growing stash of stuff for the baby. They had SO MUCH cute Halloween and Christmas stuff at Carter's but I figured buying things over a year in advance may be premature. . .

We have the bedding for the crib, but I'm going to wait until some frames I've ordered come in before I take pictures of the nursery. We have a quilt and some shelves to hang along with some super sweet drawings from an artist on Etsy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

baby boy announcement party!

Here are some pictures from having our families over labor day weekend to announce it's a boy! I made devils food cupcakes and filled them with blue icing, so everyone bit in to find out. We had the sonogram pictures for people to look at and party hats for people to wear according to what they thought the baby was! It was a lot of fun and we really appreciated everyone making the trip!

21 week belly

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

20 Week Sonogram!

Here are a couple of the good sonogram pictures from last Friday's appointment. He's a big boy! The sonographer said he's measuring 10 days ahead of schedule so it's looking like he may arrive more like the 13th of January instead of the 23rd! The first one shows the front of his face with one arm under his chin and one next to his face.

This next one shows his profile with his belly on the left and head on the right with his hand by his face like he's sucking his thumb.

The best part was getting to see him move around while we watched on the screen! Sorry, no video to share though :(

Sunday, September 5, 2010

20 weeks!

We had the much anticipated 20 week sonogram on Friday and found out the sex of the baby! Tonight we'll announce it to our families then spill the beans to everybody else. It's fun to know and be able to seriously start thinking about names and clothes and all that! (I've already bought a few things :)

Here is my 20 week belly picture. It is definitely growing. My sister in law Lauren bought me some very cute maternity clothes and brought them over yesterday- I'm glad to have some more options when I get dressed in the morning! Now I just have to hope my pant size doesn't change so I don't have to go through all this hunting all over again.

I'll let y'all know how tonight goes and hopefully post some pictures of decorations and food I'm making today- yay!