Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How is it April?

I can't believe summer is just around the corner and our sweet baby girl is two months old!  She is so precious and I just want to gobble her up daily.  It is also an insane workload caring for three 3 and under day in and day out.  Whenever I get a spare minute I try and snap some pictures of the kiddos because I just know this period in our lives will be such a blur!  The Gump house is crazy, loud, messy, and chaotic but I try my best to keep it full of love.

June is pretty happy as babies go, and as cute as they come of course ;)  She is 10 lb 13 oz today at 2 months 3 days (36%), 71% in height, and 80% in head size.  Gotta keep up with her brothers' reputation in that department I guess ;)  Plus, lots of brains in that noggin.  June loves being held upright on your chest and shoulder, nursing, cooing on her changing table, and doling out smiles to eager relatives.  She hates the pacifier, riding in the carseat, and having her eyes poked by her brothers.  I haven't even tried putting her on her tummy, woops!  Third child falls by the wayside yet again ;)