Monday, November 26, 2012

playtime with Palmer

Palmer is a busy boy who plays hard!  Here is a peek at what he's been up to.  He has always loved going outside and it is often a fight to get him back in.  These are from a particularly nice day when we spend a lot of the afternoon in the backyard while daddy was at work.  He loves playing with his trucks, watching me blow bubbles, and sliding!  Russell was content to sit in the bouncy seat, modeling for the camera :)

Palmer has a couple coloring books that he scribbles in with his crayons and puts stickers in.  He usually needs help peeling the tiny stickers off the backing, but has no problem removing them from the coloring page and placing them on his face.  Why he does this, I do not know!

Cars and trucks of all sizes are Palmer's favorite thing right now.  Especially trucks.  He spends hours with his matchbox trucks every day, with a periodic ride in his big truck!  Here he is manhandling the truck, trying to make it run over the big stuffed bear in the corner.  (Please excuse the paci. . . he was in a mood :) )

Isn't this an awesome diaper? ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

cloth love #2

This is just my second cloth love entry, sharing with y'all our wild world of cloth diapers :)  My first entry was about a cover.  Follow this link to read it!  This entry is about an economical way of cloth diapering while still using cute prints!  Extended tab prefolds, or wing tab prefolds as this company calls them, are easier than standard prefolds to use because the length is sized to fit certain size babies and the corners of the prefold that you bring around to the front to pin or snappi are longer, making for easier fastening!
Russell modeling his Blessed Bee Baby diaper

Modern Sesame print for Russell and Planes for Palmer
The wing tab prefolds from Blessed Bee Baby on Etsy are so cute, squishy, and awesome!  I have two in Russell's size and one that Palmer is just starting to grow out of.  Meg A Roo's Designs also makes great ETPF's.  Both brands have absorbent layers of bamboo backing the print, with extra absorbency in the middle.  Here are some pics unfolded so you can get an idea of how these work!
Completely unfolded
Ready to go on baby
Of course, these need a cover over them to make them pee-proof!

Friday, November 2, 2012


Today is one of those days that Russell just HAS to be held.  All day.  Here is the Sakura Bloom ring sling I talked about in another post!  It is made of linen, so much cooler than the cotton Moby.  Although it isn't as comfy for long periods of time since the Moby is a 2-shouldered carry, it is sooo convenient.  The Moby is about 5 yards of material that have to be folded in half, then wrapped in sort of a complex way.  This ring sling goes on a lot faster since you can leave it threaded, but takes a little more practice to get the hang of adjusting.  

Tyler asked how many baby carriers we need. . . well they are all so different!  So there's the Moby (a stretchy wrap), the Sakura Bloom (a ring sling), and we also have an Ergo (a soft structured carrier) that we got for a vacation last year.  It was awesome for carrying Palmer through the airport and can do everything from newborn tummy to tummy to toddler back carries.  I prefer the Moby and ring sling for tiny babies though since they get tightly wrapped like a swaddle.  

Here is a pic of Russell in the Moby.  It was perfect to wear to the church's Trunk or Treat with Palmer since I would be wearing it for a while and it was a little chilly outside.  He slept the whole time we were there, through carnival games and all!  On the other hand, I like the ring sling for the grocery store, running Palmer in to MDO, or using at home when I need to put him on quick or it's too warm for the Moby.  I guess the answer to Tyler's question is three. . . for now ;)