Saturday, December 14, 2013

where have I been?

I thought SURELY I had blogged about Halloween.  DEFINITELY sometime in November.  Nope!  Woopsie daisy!  I'll blame it on the lack of simultaneous napping from the kids. Also, after the boys go to sleep I usually head to the couch or the bed since my computer desk just ain't quite as comfy.

Well, Halloween was fun!  Except the evening earlier that week that we were supposed to go to a friend's party to carve pumpkins and Palmer barfed all over the house.  Actual Halloween night was much less messy.  Palmer the dinosaur did a good job trick or treating, though some houses spooked him a bit.  Russell was happy to be carried around, looking cute as could be in Palmer's old elephant costume.

Speaking of dinosaurs, we saw some in McKinney!  I was expecting loud, choppy robotics from the animatronic dinosaurs at the Heard Museum, but they were truly impressive.  Perfect outdoor activity for a chilly fall morning.  Palmer forgot how to pick up his feet and shuffled through leaves on the trails, and Russell enjoyed the sights while cozily wrapped on my back.  Of course with the grandmas there, we made it home with some great dino souvenirs.

We've been spending many a day at home since it's just simpler that way with the boys napping at different times.  Getting outside breaks up the day and keeps everyone from screaming at each other too much!  (Mommy included.)  Sometimes putting shoes on is not on the agenda, though, and they ransack the house, looking cute in their woolies while mommy takes pictures.

Thanksgiving was nice and easy this year.  For me at least since I didn't host ;).  We spent time in Plano on Thursday and Lewisville on Friday so we got to have two big delicious meals and lots of good family time.  Palmer loved the rolls at Kay Kay's and would have eaten a whole chocolate pie at Mimi's if we let him!  Potty training was a bit of a battle (read: lots of accidents/crying/refusal to potty) over the holiday but we made it through without taking too many steps backwards.

Can't wait for more fun at Christmas- which will be here SO soon!!