Wednesday, February 4, 2015


It is funny to see the faces people make when you say you (and your 4 other family people) are living with your parents or in-laws.  These faces say "eeeeek" or "oh my" or "not that, anything but that!". Haha.  We are very fortunate to have relatives that are very accommodating and easy to live with.  No juicy drama to spill here, sorry!  It was a difficult 6 weeks of being without our own home, but much less so thanks to my parents and Tyler's mom.  They let us invade their ordered, quiet abodes with our noise and needs and STUFF, oh the stuff!  A family of 5 needs a lot of it.  We still have a ways to go to thank them properly for doing all they could to ease that stressful period of transition for us.  Grandparent overtime doesn't pay time and a half if you were wondering.  Good thing our little darlings are so darn cute!

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