Wednesday, February 4, 2015

a new year in a new place

Yep, we moved!  Christmas seemed like the most chaotic and emotional time to do that sort of thing so it worked out pretty perfectly.  Haha.  If you have no knowledge of the epic house buying/not buying saga we went through Nov-Jan consider yourself fortunate as I could go on FOREVER about how ridiculous it all was.  Here's the short story: 

We found a house in Lewisville that we loved.  Loved.  It was a property like no other with lots of awesome attributes for raising the kids.  We quickly sold our house in McKinney.  Shortly before closing on our purchase, we encountered problems that despite our most generous and intelligent attempts at resolving, could not be overcome.  I blame several people and factors, but mostly the completely unreasonable sellers who had no regard for us getting royally screwed.  So one week before Christmas, instead of being happily settled into our new family home, we were tearfully packing up our old house that we no longer wanted to leave, moving all our things into storage, and going to live with our parents for the indefinite future.  

House hunting and eventually buying the home we are in now was a bittersweet process since we would never have left the place we were in McKinney if not for the lure of the original property that was no longer ours.  I didn't want to move for any house, I wanted to move for THAT house.  There are positives to the lovely house we have now and everyone likes to say it will be for the best.  Maybe it will, but I'm still not over it.  That's ok :)

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