Monday, July 21, 2014

more foffles pwease

We eat waffles more mornings than not.  Palmer wakes up asking for foffles.  Russell leverages all his tiny weight against the massive freezer door to haul it open.  Yep, they're frozen waffles!  More on that later.  I toast em up while Palmer sits on his froggy potty in the next room and asks repeatedly to watch car videos.  June fusses nervously in her bouncy seat that she is not loving for more than 15 second intervals lately.  Russell hangs on my leg and cries.  Cries because I wouldn't let him take the kitchen shears out of the drawer, or the old popcorn out of the trash, or the keyboard off the desk.  OMG this toaster takes forever.  Waffles have to be toasted twice- did you know that?

Palmer is finished going potty and I'm instructed to dump out his pee pee.  Like, now.  The food is close enough to ready that I able convince Russell to just go get in his seat and I'll bring it to him right away!  Do I buckle his booster? Only if the meal is messy enough to warrant the potential meltdown that "clicking" it for him may trigger.

The waffles are browned to a lovely crisp. Winning. I dread the day they decide to strike for syrup instead of the much more benign butter and cinnamon sugar combo I have 'em hooked on. Palmer needs underwear. Now we can eat.  They can eat.

I haven't blogged in 2 months and figure I can squeeze in a post while they have breakfast.  I sit down with my coffee and turn the key lock off the keyboard and find the mouse hidden on the shelf out of toddler reach.  Palmer needs water in a big boy cup with a straw.  Also, more foffles pwease.  How did he already finish those?  June is done with that torturous bouncy seat.  Turns out, I can nurse a baby while buttering a waffle and convincing a three year old that he doesn't have to have a straw because the cup already has a spout.  

One day I'll get out my shiny calphalon waffle iron that I used before June joined our circus.  Family.  Someday I'll make the whole grain batter from scratch the night before and they won't stick and kids won't care that they're "different".  For now, Eggo is where it's at. :)

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