Wednesday, February 4, 2015

moving mountains

Tyler and I pride ourselves on not having a lot of things we don't need.  Or, we did, until we saw all our accumulated miscellaneous junk during the packing process.  Three residences, six years, and three children are to blame!  Moving is always a daunting process and it was made terribly loathsome when things were not proceeding favorably with our home purchase.  It's a little bit fun to pack up your things with anticipation of placing them in their special new niches of your new home.  It's pretty sad to pack up your things when there is a very large possibility they will have nowhere to go.  Tyler handled all the heavy lifting and shuttling to the storage unit without complaint and worked so hard to finish the tasks at hand.

When it became pretty clear that we would not be moving into our "dream house", I was heartbroken.  We loved our house in McKinney.  We loved Palmer's preschool where he had made friends.  We loved the downtown square where we lived for several years.  We loved the Heard Museum where we had just gotten an annual pass.  In the process of deciding to buy that house in Lewisville, these things weighed heavily on my mind, but when I pictured our family in that new house 5, 10, 15 years from now. . . those things we loved were easier left behind.  I sobbed over both losing these cherished familiar things and losing the place I had excitedly planned our future in.

The day we moved out of McKinney there was a crushing to do list.  Juggling the kids, packing, moving and cleaning made for the kind of busy where you forget to eat lunch.  If you know me, I don't miss many a meal!  It probably made things easier, though, that it was so busy since there was little time to dwell on how wrong it all felt.  After closing, we came back to get our outdoor cat Vlu and when Tyler suggested to Palmer to say goodbye house, I didn't linger in the moment- I had already cried enough lately.

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